GCoM Resources

  • Join the Global Covenant of Mayors: Learn how your municipality can benefit from becoming a signatory to this international movement.

Common Reporting Canada Framework


  • PCP milestone framework : The PCP program guides you through a five-step Milestone Framework to help you take action on climate change by reducing emissions in your municipality. From creating an inventory to setting and reaching your emissions reduction target, each step moves you closer to achieving that goal.
  • PCP Hub: Connect with your PCP peers to share knowledge and best practices, find resources and access expert support from the PCP team.
  • PCP Tool: The Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Milestone Tool is a user-friendly, web-based resource that helps municipalities prepare GHG inventories, set targets, build action plans and track progress on implementation.
  • Reaching Milestone 2: Reducing carbon emissions is an important step toward developing healthier, more resilient communities of the future. This guidebook can help your municipality establish greenhouse gas reduction targets to help drive your local climate action plan.



  • BARC guide and workbook: Building Adaptive & Resilient Communities (BARC) is a national program focused on resilience and adaptation.  BARC offers a comprehensive way to respond to the impacts of climate change, develop and implement an adaptation plan, and protect the people, property, and prosperity of your community.
  • BARC Tool:  The Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities (BARC) Tool is an online resource to support municipalities in planning for a changing climate, from understanding local climate science, vulnerability and risk assessments, planning, monitoring and implementation.