Population 58,220

Though the City of Fredericton had been a leader on climate in the early 2000s, organizational changes over the past 20 years led to gaps in the climate action planning process. Brittany MacLean, hired in 2018 to spur the City’s environmental leadership, was looking for frameworks and best practices to achieve Fredericton’s climate goals. By becoming a signatory to GCoM, Brittany was able to access a network of motivated municipal staff as well as use a tried and true international framework. This led to a GHG inventory and the completion of the City’s adaptation plan.

Council and staff have a better idea of what is needed to set and achieve ambitious climate targets, and they are able to reach out for help when needed. Now, not only is Fredericton back on track towards climate leadership, they are also helping to shape the structure of GCoM in Canada and around the world.

“For municipalities that are just getting started, this program helped us understand the bar that we should be trying to reach. GCoM provided us with a path forward.” – Brittany MacLean, City of Fredericton, NB