Population 410,000

At the time the City of London, ON, was initiating their full-scale climate emergency action planning, the City’s climate staff heard about the GCoM Showcase Cities pilot project. As London was already a GCoM signatory, they viewed the pilot as a benefit in order to receive further direction and clarity on the different tools being used by GCoM Canada to achieve their climate objectives.

By attending the in-person training as well as the online monthly meetings, Patrick Donnelly, the City’s Manager of Watershed Programs, developed strong relationships with municipalities from across the country. These relationships allowed him to have further conversations throughout the year and learn from others’ experience. The City of London’s profile as a climate leader was also elevated thanks in part to the international exposure that they received as part of GCoM.

The in person training that initiated the pilot project, provided both informal and formal introductions and conversations that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. I now have a larger team of climate practitioners that I can reach out to for comparing notes and sharing experiences”- Pat Donnelly, City of London, ON